This case encompasses almost all phases of dentistry. In the upper jaw the patient displays one actual tooth and a partial denture. This tooth was removed, bone grafting was performed, implants were placed with bridges placed over the implants. In the lower jaw the teeth was restored with veneers and crowns with all work performed under sedation. I think you will find the results impressive.

This is my favorite cosmetic case. This young patient had composite veneers placed by another dentist on her front 6 teeth. While I am sure there was an improvement, the front 2 teeth are too large compared to the others, there is too much gum showing when she smiles and the teeth are not straight enough horizontally.

A small amount of gum was removed, porcelain veneers were placed and I think you will find the results to be dramatic.

Porcelain Veneers (or Laminates)-Porcelain veneers are thin custom made pieces of porcelain that are bonded to your teeth. Generally a very small amount of tooth removal is required before placing the veneers. Using veneers allows us to modify the size, shape and color of your teeth to dramatically improve their appearance or give you a “perfect smile” if you desire. See the before and after photos below for an example of our work and what type of things can be done. The number of veneers needed is dependent on what is being done. (Actually on this young woman there are 2 crowns and 6 veneers, can you tell which are which)

The next 2 before and after photos are basic smile makeovers with 8 porcelain veneers being placed to change the shape, size and color of the existing teeth, as well as close any spaces.

Once again porcelain veneers can be made to match existing tooth color, or they can be made as white as a patient would like.

This 50 year old patient has worn down her teeth substantially and is very unhappy with their appearance. We have completed restoring the upper teeth with veneers, crowns and bridges, improving both her bite and cosmetic appearance. The lower will be done as well in the future.

This patient in her 70’s needed to have a few crowns replaced and was not happy with how they looked. I think you’ll agree that the new crowns are a big improvement looking like teeth as opped to crowns.

This patient also in her 70’s has always been unhappy with her teeth. A couple of years ago she decided to cosmetically enhance her smile. The after picture has been taken almost 2 years after her treatment with veeners and crowns. Now her teenage grandaughter thinks she looks like a movie star.

This male patient in his 50’s was unhappy with the appearance of his teeth and so was his girlfriend. We treated the upper with veeners and crowns and he is looking forward to improving his lower teeth as well.