Always a great visit. The people are all professional as well as friendly. I’ve had no problems and I’ve been a patient since I was a teenager. Now in my 40s. Also, never a long wait. I can’t even say there is a wait. The appointment time is yours when set unless of course there is an emergency. Great place to go.
– A.P.

Dr. Mermelstein has magic hands.
– C.D.

I am a former resident of Livingston (still retain all my original doctors) and try to squeeze numerous doctor appointments into one day to make my time off from work more efficient. After arriving @ ADC a good half-hour early, Maria (Hygienist) began the appointment right away (no waiting!!!!!!); this allowed me to have a very smooth day and beat the afternoon rush hour traffic. She is the utmost professional, highly dexterous, educational and is really dedicated to her craft. Dr. Mermelstein always offers a great analysis of my dental state, carefully explains treatment options / priorities, and always has fantastic music playing in the background thus keeping me relaxed and comfortable. ADC is a must stop for all yours and your family’s dental needs…definitely worth the 45 minute / 1 hour commute from my Northwestern Jersey.abode Their kind staff makes you feel like family and don?t forget to stop and say hello to “Bailey”.
– J.C.

Maria is a great dental hygienist.
– J.T.

The best and highest quality service.
– J.B.

From my first visit to the dental office approximately 15 years ago to my current visit , I’ve always received excellent care. Keep up the good work.
– J.R.

Your office provides very professional service. It is also friendly and observant as to the condition of the patient
– E.S.

I do have extreme anxiety with dental work and it was a very good experience. There was great care for me during the entire procedure which helped to lessen my anxiety and the procedure was painless.
– D.D.

I was a new patient and seen within an hour with a dental emergency. I have difficulty seeing a dentist and I was treated with kindness and patience
– D.B.

I walked in nervous and apprehensive…having not been to a dentist in a long time…I thought my situation was hopeless. I left HAPPY and confident that I have found the right team to help me get my life back. Not only will I be able to smile…but I feel I will be able to chew and live like a normal person again. Thanks to a very warm and caring staff …I feel optimistic about the choice I have made.

– F.W.
I just finished up an amazing two-appointment Periodontal Root Scaling with ADC. Folks visiting other offices would normally have the” hee-bee- jeebees” going for such an intrusive procedure.

Just as usual there was absolutely no angst or procrastination going in for this appointment. Dr. M. and his fantastic hygienist Maria always ensure that I am completely relaxed, answer any questions, provide a summary of what the procedure shall entail and therefore have my complete trust and confidence
– J.C.

This is the best dentist around for several reasons:
1. Fast service, you never wait long at all.
2. Dentist talks to you like a person and if you have pain at anytime he will be there.
3. The hygienist never causes pain or slips like others. She also really knows her stuff and is clearly not just going through the motions.
4. You are not just a number and I will not go anywhere else in the county ever!

If you go to another dentist you are just foolish, this place is the greatest ever.
– Anonymous

Another good experience with ADC, whose staff are great at taking the time to care for and to educate their patients about good dental health
– E.R.

Couldn’t have been any better.
– P.H.

Dr. Mermelstein and his staff were great! I had some troubles and they adjusted to my needs and the whole process was smooth and calm!
– D.R.